Card Sleeves
Card Sleeves
Medium Size Label Tags (2 Pack) - ReturnMeTags
Card Sleeves

Card Sleeves

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Over 80% of items protected by ReturnMe get returned! Attach these labels to almost anything such as your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, wallet, passport, sports equipment, charger or anything else you can stick it on! Finders from around the world are motivated to contact ReturnMe 24/7 when your item is found. We then connect you with the finder or arrange to have your item shipped back to you from anywhere in the world! We even reward the finder for their help. Decal labels are laminated and come with a 2 year warranty. Protect your valuables today before it's too late!

ReturnMe's recovery service includes:

  • 5 card sleeves
  • 2 vinyl laminated medium label tags + 2 vinyl laminated round label tags
  • Life-Time registration (NO Annual fees ever)
  • Unlimited number of recoveries
  • 24/7 instant email notification of your lost item
  • ReturnMe reward to finder ($20 gift card)
  • PLUS for the first 12 months, ReturnMe will ship back your found item from anywhere in the world FREE of charge (VIP Service)