Cool Luggage Tags - ReturnMeTags
Cool Luggage Tags - ReturnMeTags
Cool Luggage Tags - ReturnMeTags
5 years warranty, durable epoxy metal-domed, Reward message motivates finder to contact ReturnMe, toll-free number and website to report your item, unique ID code linked to our database

Cool Luggage Tags

Regular price $9.99

Over 80% of bags protected by ReturnMe get returned!

Attach these tags to any bag such as your luggage, carry-on bags, school bags, laptop bags and more.

Confidential and secure - your name, number and address are not printed on the tag like conventional luggage tags. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a lost bag can ruin your trip! Finders from around the world are motivated to contact ReturnMe 24/7 when your bag is found because of the reward message on our luggage tags.

We'll then connect you with the finder or arrange to have your bag shipped back to you from anywhere in the world! We even reward the finder for their help.

Bag tags are epoxy-domed and come with a 5 year warranty against cracking, fading or chipping. Protect your valuables today before it's too late!

Product and Service Specifications:

  • 1 stainless steel recovery bag tag with steel metal loop
  • Lifetime membership (Bronze Membership)
  • Unlimited number of recoveries
  • 24/7 instant email notification for when your lost items are found
  • ReturnMe reward to finder (Up to $20 gift card)
  • PLUS for the first 12 months of new ReturnMe accounts, ReturnMe will ship back your found item from anywhere in the world, FREE of charge (Silver Membership)
  • For more details on ReturnMe's memberships, please visit our Memberships page.