Laptop Protection Plan - ReturnMeTags
Laptop Protection Plan - ReturnMeTags
Laptop Protection Plan - ReturnMeTags

Laptop Protection Plan

Regular price $59.99

Peace of mind protection against accidental damage!

  • Laptop Insurance Covers Malfunction, Drops, Cracks, & Spills!
  • Hassle-Free Claims process
  • Free shipping to & from depot
  • 100% Parts & Labor covered with your Laptop Protection Plan
  • For new laptops purchased in the past 30
Buy with confidence! Cancel anytime for a refund! Warranty powered by 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it worth to purchase a laptop protection plan for malfunction & accidental damage?
The cost of the protection plan plus a small deductible for 1 claim alone can save you $100’s of the dollar. The laptops are becoming thinner and thinner and they are harder and less likely to be repaired due to a serious drop or liquid spill. Can you afford to pay full price for another laptop?
2. What is required to purchase a Chromebook, MacBook and/or Laptop protection plan from Securranty?
Only Chrome book, MacBook and laptops purchased in the past 30 days are eligible. You will need to provide the store receipt for the purchase of the iPhone. You can upload the receipt to your account online after completing the purchase and we will store it for you.
3. Can I transfer my laptop Plan?
You may transfer your plan at any time to another person.
4. Does Securranty cover New, Used and/or Refurbished Laptops?
Coverage is available for new laptops purchased in the last 30 days. Refurbished laptops purchased in the last 30 days are eligible if they come with a minimum 90-day warranty.
5. Will my laptop be covered if it is lost or stolen?
If your laptop is lost or stolen, it is not covered under this plan. 
6. Does Securranty sell laptop protection plans for all brands & models?
Yes we cover all brands & models of laptops, net books & chromebooks; including, but not limited to, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and HP Laptops. Simply select the price you paid for the laptop to generate your price and then checkout.

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