TOUCH-AID (2 pack)
TOUCH-AID (2 pack)
TOUCH-AID (2 pack)
TOUCH-AID (2 pack)
TOUCH-AID (2 pack)

TOUCH-AID (2 pack)

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SPECIAL UNTIL FEB. 28, 2021 - 2 FOR 1! Just order TOUCH-AID (2 pack), and our shipping team will include an extra TOUCH-AID (2 pack)  free of charge with your order.

Includes 2 TOUCH-AIDs and 1 ReturnMe medium mobile tag (silver).

Door handles, ATM machines, airline check-in kiosks, bathroom doors - can you trust that they're cleaned properly? Let alone bacteria or viruses, think about how many people you've seen who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom... Yuck.

ReturnMe's all-new TOUCH-AID is a uniquely shaped touch tool designed to keep you safe by limiting your exposure to germs. It is built strong enough to withstand over 50 lbs of pressure, but gentle enough to be able to use on touch screens of all types. 

Use it to:

  • Open, close and lock doors - both pull and push, using either the hook or the tip
  • Use an ATM machine
  • Use touchscreens!
  • Flush the toilet
  • Check-in for your flight
  • Hold a grocery bag!
  • Open the mailbox
  • Press the crosswalk/elevator/vending machine button
  • And so much more!

Stop using toilet paper to open doors. Get your TOUCH-AID so you can get your freedom back. So you can continue your day-to-day activities in this NEW NORMAL that we now must learn to tackle.

TOUCH-AID comes with the ReturnMe service included - so if you lose your keys and someone finds them, we'll help you retrieve them using our Global Recovery Service. No other product even comes close. And we stand by our quality with a 5 year warranty!

Protect your hands. Protect your keys. Get your TOUCH-AID now.