Travel Pack
Travel Pack

Travel Pack

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Travel Pack - Save 5% vs. purchasing the tags individually!

The Travel Pack is great for anyone that travels. This pack contains 8 ReturnMe recovery tags to protect all your travel gear. Use these tags to protect your most cherished belongings from loss: luggage, carry-on bags, keys, wallet, camera, cell phone, tablet, laptop and much more.

Protect and identify your valuable items today before they are gone forever tomorrow!

Product and Service Specifications:

  • 3 epoxy-domed steel luggage tags with steel metal loops
  • 1 epoxy-domed steel recovery key tags
  • 4 vinyl-laminated label tags
  • Lifetime membership (Bronze membership)
  • Unlimited number of recoveries
  • 24/7 instant email notification for when your lost items are found
  • ReturnMe reward to finder (Up to $20 gift card)
  • PLUS for the first 12 months of new ReturnMe accounts, ReturnMe will ship back your found item from anywhere in the world, FREE of charge (Silver Membership)
  • For more details on ReturnMe’s memberships, please visit our Membership page